Arty Records

Arty Records – supporting the best next-gen artists. That’s an understatement! We transform your career from bedroom to big time. Plus guarantee to accelerate the success of your musical career faster.

Don’t get swallowed up in this mad industry! Start to see some transformation and $$$ in a career that YOU can control. With passion, focus, heart, integrity. And most importantly, fun.

Whether you’re emerging or established, we have practical services and surefire tips to get you success faster, delivered by a team who’ve been through it themselves. And learnt. Fast. And we’ve got the venues to match!

We’re a brilliantly quirky quintet steering a fully independent record label and management service founded in 1992. It’s the brainchild of and wholly owned by Ronnie Taheny.

Arty Records has its head office in Adelaide, South Australia, an office in Sydney plus two subsidiary branches based in Germany and Ireland.

We’re a company of individuals who believe in the old-fashioned business principles of integrity, honesty, loyalty, good service with a smile and, oddly enough, keeping one’s word.

Arty Records HQ
Beach Point Apartments
Suite 112 50 Esplanade
ph: +61 413 450521