European tour management and booking

Gotta be honest though, we can’t help everyone. It’s an expensive option for you and a time-consuming one for us. But we’ll teach you how to fish so that your tours have every chance of being successful and most importantly – sustainable – with our advise. We feel that as a fearlessly independent artist, you should organise and experience most the sphincter-clenching moments of your roller coaster career as it unveils….

You know the type of stuff… wondering if the van you booked online actually exists as you arrive at the other side of the world, speaking in tongues as you wrestle with jet-lag whilst trying to work out which is the polite side of the road on which to drive at 200 km/h with a GPS that’s on the blink whilst trying to book a forgotten back line and hotel whilst scanning the street poles for posters whilst finally finding your venue before the show’s over.

Luckily for you, our expert, Ronnie Taheny, has spent the last 25 years living and touring throughout Europe so if you’re tour-experienced, export-ready and cashed-up, we can help from logistics to lute strings here.

We’ve got personnel on the ground too.

Chat to us about your needs.