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We might represent a bunch of artists but let’s hear them talk for themselves.

Check out our podcasts below. 

Here’s the latest with Ronnie Taheny herself. Listen to her, live from Berlin. A frank and free career guidance interview on the Nelson Du Bois Show, GERMANY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zj4Z2hT8Ip8&feature=youtu.be

And these below. Presented by Arty Records Sydney team member, The Saint, you’ll hear his excellent, engaging, crack-hot intellectual interviews that draw the best out of our artists and the label:

Nick West (SA) talks here about his more unusual upbringing and debut EP release single, “European City” from of “Pieces Of One”. Oct 1st 2019.

Nick West (SA) talks again to The Saint about the follow-up single “What Humans Do”. Go Christies Beach!  Dec 1st 2019.


Isadora’s Dream (SA)  Aug 2019 podcast here 

Isadora’s Dream POST-CORONA get out of the house SA event!:

Sat Nov 21, 8pm: w Spiral Dance at the Wheatsheaf Hotel $20 tix available early Oct