Our Scholarships

Arty Records’ director, Ronnie Taheny is a Physical Education as well as a Music specialist (Dip T, B Ed), so she knows a fair bit about talent scouting, spotting and developing. But talent’s a funny thing, there’s heaps out there but it’s no sole predictor for career success. In fact, we reckon talent is only about 20% of a success story. A far more important factor like passion and it’s resultant skills like focus, obsession, self-discipline and persistence make Arty Records a lot more interested when we come to selecting candidates for our music scholarships.*

We take a broad view and the long haul approach to our Chosen Ones too. That’s novel. And rare! That’s Arty Record’s

“Longitudinal Mentoring System” for you.

What is it?

Our Longitudinal Mentoring System means we focus on disadvantaged primary school children (particularly in the southern Adelaide region) and supply the 2 things that kills most disadvantaged kids’ dreams: instruments and tuition fees.

We source and facilitate quality tuition (from age 8) and nurture them through to a music-specialist high school whilst encouraging them to transform their passion into a career via tertiary study especially targeting the Contemporary studies available at either the Elder Conservatorium of Music (B Music) or through MusicSA (Cert 4) . While our scholars study, we simultaneously guide them into the real coalface of the music industry as an Arty Records label artist and there you have it: one of the only longitudinal mentoring systems in the world of original music and its artists. Solid. Practical. Long-termed. Strategies.

Because we care.

* “MUSIC” scholarship provided by Arty Records and funded by independent donors. Contact us at: info@artyrecords.com.au if you’d like to make a huge, positive impact to some poor but potentially brilliant kid’s life.