Our transformational packages

Don’t get swallowed-up by the industry.

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Here are our transformational packages* that guarantee career success faster.

So, chat to us to start seeing some breakthroughs and $$$ in an original music career that YOU control. 



Package 1: I’m stuck!

Specific advice, direction and sure-fire tips to successfully re-boot your career at any stage. 2-hr+ private consult. AUD$350

Package 2: I got nuttin’!

Emerging artist package. Getting you from your bedroom to Berlin. Lounge room to London. And beyond. 4-hr+ private consult. AUD$600

Package 3: Are my songs any good?

Your songs in workshop. We’ll go through each of your babies with you and bring them to fruition, highlighting the hooks and elevating the rest – including lyrics. We’re dedicated to making your songs the best reflection of you there is. $80/hr.



Package 3: I’m outta this place!

Specific career strategies and practical tips for the intermediate/established artist. Practical national touring tips included. 4-hr+ private consult. AUD$600

Package 4: The world needs me!

Specific career strategies for tour-seasoned, export-ready acts. 4-hr+ private consult. AUD$600



Package 5: I need something special – now!

Fear not, we know all about all those hats you must wear daily in order to get anywhere in this game but here’s a top 10 specific areas where our expertise and guaranteed tips have actually saved our clients.  3-hr+ private consult. AUD$500. Choose from below or bundle:

  1. Image and Branding
  2. Song-writing development
  3. Live performance development
  4. Bios, Media releases, 1-sheets, EPKs, reviews, other industry writing services
  5. Websites and Content
  6. Personal development
  7. Getting studio-ready
  8. Event planning
  9. Album-launch prep and strategy
  10. Planning Media and PR campaigns

We know that we can help you so chat to us about your needs.

*All prices valid from Jan 1- June 30 2020