Our transformational packages

Don’t get swallowed-up by the industry.

Help is on the way!

Here are our transformational packages* that guarantee career success faster.

So, chat to us to start seeing some clarity, breakthrough and $$$ in an original music career that YOU control. Face to face Zoom, Skype, in person. One to one. Below.


Package 1: I’m stuck!

Specific advice, clarity, direction and sure-fire tips to successfully re-boot your career at any stage. 2-hr+ private consult. AUD$350

Package 2: I got nuttin’!

Emerging artist package. Getting your vision from your bedroom to Berlin. Lounge room to London. And beyond. 4-hr+ private consult. AUD$600

Package 3: Are my songs any good?

Your songs in workshop. We’ll go through each of your babies with you and help bring them to fruition, highlighting the hooks and elevating the rest – including lyrics. We’re dedicated to making your songs the best reflection of you there is. $80/hr.


Package 3: I’m outta this place!

Specific career strategies and practical tips for the intermediate/established artist. Practical national touring tips included. 4-hr+ private consult. AUD$600

Package 4: The world needs me!

Specific career strategies for tour-seasoned, export-ready acts. 4-hr+ private consult. AUD$600


Package 5: I need something special – now!

Fear not, we know all about all those hats you must wear daily in order to get anywhere in this game but here’s a top 10 of specific areas where our expertise and guaranteed tips have actually helped save our clients bottoms.  3-hr+ private consult. AUD$500. Choose from below or bundle:

  1. Clarity, Image and branding
  2. Career planning and strategies
  3. Song-writing development
  4. Live performance development
  5. Bios, media releases, 1-sheets, EPKs, reviews, other industry writing services
  6. Websites and online content
  7. Personal development that’ll determine your level of personal and public success
  8. Getting studio-ready
  9. Event/Album-launch planning, prep and strategies
  10. Media and PR campaigns

We know that we can help you so chat to us about your needs.

*All prices valid from Jan 1- Dec 31 2020