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Singer Songwriter (AUS)

Patti Smith and Pippi Longstocking converge to crank out smart-arse songs for minds that move.”

“The Last Swim”

SAT FEB 3rd 2018 8pm Promo vid

The Governor Hindmarsh

Support: Zac Eden

Tkts: $30 +bf  here

Table reservations essential: or 0413 450 521

Ronnie Taheny has spent 35 yrs in the industry and the last 25 gallivanting around the globe, dodging bullets and police alike whilst touring. Our self-confessed beach bum has always returned for summer and graced us at the Gov with an annual 1-off concert before departing once again to her European base.

This year is no different. Except it is. In 2 ways. This year, Taheny is celebrating a Golden Anniversary with us and she’s also using thanking us for 25 years of excellent support and loyalty in the best way she knows – by retiring. That’s gratitude for you.

Yep, Ronnie’s stepping back from live performance in response to growing demands in other areas of her life along with the sudden expansion of her record label (Arty Records – Germany. Ireland. Australia.) Now exiting stage left, she happily shifts her considerable passion, focus and generosity towards younger original artists needing dedicated expertise whilst planning international careers; something the successfully self-managed Taheny knows a bit about.

But live, Taheny has a cheeky and charismatic stage presence full of roguish charm, boundless energy, amusing anecdotes, acerbic spoken words and spontaneous one-liners all told in Taheny’s inimitably dry and self-deprecating style. Whether on piano or 11 string guitar, Ronnie is a versatile doyenne of clever, melodic tracks peppered with fire, fury and fun.

Her grande finale will contain an overview of her entire 8 CD catalogue and throw new light on existing tracks. Maybe even a newie or 2. With right hand man, Jarrad Payne on drums; Flik Freeman on bass; Lainie on keys….supported by that bright and ballsy newcomer: Zac Eden.

The Last Swim may sadly mark the final major performance of one of SA’s most successful and self-made singer songwriters, but is misleading because Taheny intends to spend a LOT more time at the beach “office” and in the ocean.




Northern European Tour 2017

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Apr-07 64380 TBC
Apr-08 63073 ” Wienerhof ” Langenerstr 23, Offen-Bieber 20:00  (Read FRIZZ Mag RT/Wienerhof feature here:
Apr-09 53111 Bonn Private 3:00 p.m.
Apr-11 75249 “Prisma Folk Club” Reitergasse 14, Kieselbronn/ Pforzheim 20:00
Apr-13 72555 “Hirsch” Eninger Str. 11, Glems/ Metzingen 20:30
Apr-15 73230 “Bastion” Max-Eyth-Str 57/2, Kirchheim/ Teck 20:30
Apr-16 67655 “Benderhof”, Richard-Wagner-Str. 74, Kaisterslautern 20:30
Apr 17 55743 “Galerie Petrola – Meet the Artist”, Hauptstr 478, Idar-Oberstein 11:00 till 12:00 noon
May-01 35039 “Waggonhalle” Rudolf-Bultmann-Straße 2a, Marburg 20:00
May-03 22399 “Burg Henneberg” Marienhof 8 Hamburg/ Poppenbüttel 20:00
May-05 8300 “Cafeen” Hou Havn, Havnegade 2B Odder/ Hou 21:00
May-06 **** TBC
May-11 24103 “Kulturforum” Andreas-Gayk-Str 31, Kiel 20:00
May-12 TBC
May-13 6920 (DK) “Musikgaarden” Knivsbækvej 22 Videbæk 20:00
May-17 14712 “Evangelische Kirche”, Kirchplatz 10, Rathenow 19:00
May-18 12167 “Kiwi Pub”, Albrechtstr 115, Berlin/ Steglitz (live streaming by Seating limited. Reservations: 20:00
May-19 59199 “Evangelische Kirche” Fliericher Kirchplatz 9, Boenen/ Flierich. Support by CLARA VALENTE (Brazil) (contact: or 20:00
May-20 40764 “Schaustall Kulturfabrik” Winkelsweg 38, Langenfeld 20:30
May-21 59199 Boenen (Privat) (contact: or 18:00
May-25 73035 “Engel Bartenbach” Brunnenstraße 14, Göppingen-Bartenbach 20:00
May-26 72622 “Kuckucksei” Neckarstr 14, Nuertingen 20:30
May-27 72555 “Hirsch” Eninger Str. 11, Glems/ Metzingen 20:30


TBC = To Be Confirmed
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