What we do

It’s always the same. They’re a no-body then ‘suddenly’ they’re a media monolith. The truth is, there are a few years in between that we don’t see. Years that made them. Made them ready. Secret years of planning then..surprise! We don’t even see it let alone know how it’s done.

So, what do we do?

We’ll accelerate your career and get you export-ready. We bridge that gap between no-body and somebody. Make you a real pro. Prepare you for lift-off and an overseas career. We won’t let you sit around waiting for a major record company to give you permission to have a career. It won’t happen. We help you take control. Cos we know how to.

Arty Records is not yet another ‘industry info session’ cranking out generic platitudes to the masses in a passive workshop setting.

We’ve lived it. We’ll design your best possible path to the world. We’ll work with YOU and only YOU. Intensely. Individually. That’s one to one, folks. Big difference. Bigger results. Faster. You can meet us face-to-face or be anywhere in this big, bright planet cos we do loads of Skype sessions. Put in the work, same results!

Might take anything from 6 months to 2 years but if you’re talented, hungry and can match our work ethic and capacity, we’ll help get you there. With this work in mind, it’s not for everyone and that’s ok.

Now, this involves heaps; from vision to versatility; performance to planning; skill sets to live sets. And more.

Our programmes will get you from A to Z

Ronnie and team Arty Records have achieved cult status in Australia as “folk’s fairy godmother”. 


Media interviews with our fearless CEO – Ronnie Taheny – re our services:

Man About Adl mag
Coast FM interview with SA’s very own career Fairy God-Mother – Ronnie Taheny – on Arty Records and how to get your career from Bedroom to Berlin.