Why they love us!

Don’t take our word for it, ask our artists who use our services!  QED.



“Power, humour, energy and professionalism on highest level for more than 20 years. I’ve been working together with many great artists in this last 20 years and nobody has been easier to work with than RT from Arty Records!”

Reinhard Potschinski (Dir.) “Able Agency”, Hamm, GERMANY

“Ronnie Taheny is an awesome force of nature. We blew into South Australia and she met us at the airport to be chauffeured for that entire leg of our tour there. She is an amazing promoter lining up 5 radio interviews and press and handling all the gritty details with ease and inspiration. She has a great totally competent team. I believe Ronnie is a dream come true to work with and I’m looking forward to the next tour in South Australia more than ever. “

SONiA  Baltimore, USA                                                    soniadisappearfear.com

“It is clear that Ronnie Taheny’s experience as an accomplished musician and seasoned performer on the European touring circuit for close to 25 years has given her cred when it comes to practical knowledge in the music business and tour management field, that others who sit in offices could only dream of. Team Arty Records’ honest and straightforward approach with those performers and musicians who seek their advice and expertise is vital.”

 Sue Germein (Manager), “GERMEIN”, AUSTRALIA

“HUGE shout out to Ronnie for the success of the recent Ben Ford-Davies European tour!  Apart from the endless planning that ensured its success, I’ve never seen such single-handed, tireless and unfailing commitment, stamina, hard work and professionalism against all odds.

I’ve also seen first hand how much the European fans love her. Such generosity of spirit in passing the baton to the next gen.

Ronnie, you are a gem and we all, you know, kinda like you xx”

Petrola Music Agency (CEO), GERMANY

“Ronnie was spot-on with finding the right words to describe me and my business and during that branding process, I grew as an artist as well; feeling more grounded, focused and clear in the expertise I have to offer to my public. Ronnie just put a big spotlight on my strengths and made me shine even more! Her work and support have been so important for me as an artist.”

Maartje de Lint, classical singer (Dutch National Opera), trainer, social entrepreneur, Holland, NETHERLANDS

What a privilege to have had you as a mentor in the public arena of art and music and to call you my dear friend and mentor.”

Prof. of Neurophysiology (and musician) Marcello Costa (AO) SA, AUS

“The folks at Arty Records are down to earth, super creative, and ready for action! They made our Adelaide debut a real success and we had a super-inspiring night! We can’t wait to come back to Adelaide to be with our wonderful new friends!”

Robyn Rosenkrantz – Producer/Musician and Michael Glover – writer/director/musician Bright Blue Gorilla Movies & Music, LA, USA

“Ronnie has been the gem of the SA/ Adelaide original music scene now forever but she’s especially invaluable in mentoring a host of young, upcoming artists via Arty Records.”

Gareth Bryant – National Music Editor, SceneStr  Music Mag
“Thanks again for supporting important hygiene messages for communities during this current COVID-19 climate.
Hopefully there will be other opportunities for AHCSA to work in partnership with you guys as the work you are doing in this arena is exceptional.”
Mary-Anne Williams – COVID19 Project Coordinator
Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia 

“Ronnie’s obvious strengths are: working like a lightening bolt, networking, PR,
selling and being a darn good influencer.  Also, she has decades of industry knowledge in all facets, is super-supportive of musicians and understands what we go through.”

Jenn Barrett (Isadora’s Dream), SA

“Ronnie Taheny and her team at Arty Records were the perfect hosts for my tour in South Australia.

Not only working tirelessly to ensure we had excellent audiences at all the events, but ‘the above and beyond’ approach to their work meant that all schedules were super organised, transport and accommodation was all sorted and with a minimal amount of fuss.

Ronnie’s passion and dedication for supporting performing artists is evident in her unshakeable enthusiasm and ‘can-do’ attitude. But even more than this, she gets results which sees everyone involved feeling valued in the process.

I cannot recommend the services of Arty Records highly enough for the attention to detail, the wealth of knowledge and expertise which comes from years in the industry and their uplifting and inspiring attitude to work, music and life.”

Khristian Mizzi, Touring Singer Songwriter, Vic, AUS

“A long time supporter of Satan’s Cheerleaders, since engaging Ronnie to assist with planning, promotion and industry contacts, the band has become a more efficient and high yielding machine. Arty Records has been instrumental in focussing the band on both long and short term goals and the architecture to achieve them.”

Simon Ridley, Satan’s Cheerleaders, AUSTRALIA

“Ronnie and Arty Records assisted me with planning and booking my first tour of the UK and Europe in 2013 – it was a great success! As an independent artist from Adelaide, with a dream of launching an international career, and with all the financial and logistic challenges that involves, having someone with Arty Records’ street smarts and decades of experience in your corner was an absolute blessing. Their sheer enthusiasm, seemingly endless energy and masses of music industry know-how make Arty Records a powerful mix for taking your music career to the next level. Supportive, encouraging and comprehensive with her advice, they leave no stone unturned… and they’re very generous to boot!

Stuart Rose – Singer songwriter, AUSTRALIA

“I just wanted to also say how much I appreciated your time and energy today as well.

It was a really inspiring meeting. You reignited our enthusiasm and offered clever possibilities for this concept.

Brenton’s currently typing up the notes and feeling very happy to be moving forward with a decent project that we’d kind of given up on.”

Jacqui Edgecombe, “String Fever” Mo Award Winners x 5. Syd/Melb, AUSTRALIA

Man, Ronnie can I just say- no one has ever put this much thought or effort into me regarding my music career and I don’t know how I can thank you enough for all the time, passion and encouragement!
The Arty Records team cares deeply about where I am heading as an artist. They have provided me with absolutely invaluable advice and feedback,  have bent over backwards for me, guiding me through the industry, training me into good habits, organising shows and most importantly helping me find my artistic voice and brand. Thank you very, very much to Ronnie and the rest of the Aussie team at Arty Records.
  I could not have achieved what I have without their guidance.” 

Zac Eden – Singer songwriter, AUSTRALIA

“You need Ronnie Taheny and Arty Records.

Ronnie is a powerhouse go-getter that happens to already know everything there is to know about the music industry, having lived it for years.

Arty Records will drag the most out of operators and the best out of you. 

I always had hope and determination but I never saw the path or the plan until there was Ronnie Taheny and Team AR.

11 out of 10 gold stars!”

Ben Ford-Davies – former international touring musician, AUSTRALIA

“Arty Records is the place to go for hardworking artists who wish to understand and grow their brand. Thanks Ronnie for sharing your infinite knowledge of the music industry. It is a pleasure to be mentored by such a genuine person.”

Megan Rae Isaacson, AUSTRALIA

“Arty Records have been so helpful in their feedback and support – it would have taken me so much longer to get my act together, had I not had their input. Ronnie, particularly, has been such a pleasure to work with and clearly cares about helping new artists find their feet. A fun journey, and absolutely worth it.”

Alison Marie, GERMANY

“It’s has been so incredible working with you. You are a rocket, a powerhouse, and a women that I truly admire and look up to.”

Rowena Garcia, SCALA board member, SA AUSTRALIA 

“Ronnie is fun, hardworking, and totally professional in her approach to her music business Arty Records. Her organisational skills and follow up on her clients is exceptional. I have no hesitation in recommending Ronnie and team to any artist who is keen to take their craft to the next level.” 

Sue Germein (Manager) “Germein”, AUSTRALIA

OUR COURSES:     icons8-quote-50

“Ronnie! Thanks for your session yesterday. Good to finally have a lecturer teaching some practical skills that can actually impact hugely on one creating a career for him/herself.”

Ricardo Farinha, “Sons of Zoku” and Graduate – Popular Music and Technology. Elder Conservatorium of Music, Adelaide Uni.

“Ronnie no thank you will ever be enough. We appreciate you and everything that you do for our site. Your flexibility and willingness to help others is second to none. You are worth your weight in gold and we are so lucky that you keep choosing to stick around at our site. Thanks for making a difference in public education.”

Christies Beach PS on behalf of the Department for Education Recognition SA
27 November 2020

“Bang! Ronnie is my morning Barocca! I feel energised and inspired. Thanks, Ronnie.”

Olivia Bozzon, grad student, Conservatorium of Music, Adelaide Uni, SA, AUS.

“One of the most inspirational teachers I’ve had.  Her info and delivery were valuable and engaging. I have a feeling Ronnie will effect my music career in the future, for the best!”   Connor Hudson (Pop Grad) Elder Conservatorium of Music, Adl Uni, 2019

“Thoroughly enjoyed the goal-setting exercises. Loved the image and branding stuff. Ronnie’s energy, passion and humour are infectious! Ronnie is vibrant, enthusiastic and the queen of motivation. She really knows her stuff.”  Private client, AUS

“Ronnie is incredibly captivating, professional and very approachable. I hung off every word she had to say and her advice and tips are priceless. I had no idea the level of expertise we were to receive.” James Selway (Pop Grad) Elder Conservatorium of Music, Adl Uni, 2019

“I don’t know what it is about you, but you’ve instilled a certain motivation in me today that I haven’t felt in a long time. I got myself a job interview for tomorrow, and I’ve started planning my music career along the lines of the Qs you asked me to think about. You’re obviously a very busy woman, but I just wanted to to say thank you for taking the time to talk to me..your words have already helped me immensely.” 

Jess Rae Music, SA, AUS

“Passionate and captivating. Ronnie makes all the info relatable and exciting to listen and learn to. Thanks Ronnie!” (Pop Grad) Elder Conservatorium of Music, Adl Uni 2019

“I’ve been so grateful for your informative practical classes, they’ve helped me so much. I said to (colleague’s name) that very first day the two of us met you out in the hallway “I get the feeling that Ronnie is going to change my life somehow”. I was right. You’ve already had a massive impact on my career and mindset towards it. Thank you!”

Jenn Barrett (and “The Night Shift) ECM grad, Adelaide Uni, AUSTRALIA

‘Extremely energetic and interesting to listen to, captivating and encouraging.’

‘Knows her stuff! Well-planned content, thorough, well-aware of behavioural probs and how to prevent them.’

‘Engaging, animated and passionate, explains simply and easily graspable.’

‘Vibrant, entertaining and humorous whilst still ensuring everyone participates and fully understands the concepts and activities she’s teaching.’

‘A very friendly and amazing teacher!’

‘Totally positive energy!’

Various pedagogy students 2019 Elder Conservatorium of Music, Adel Uni. AUSTRALIA

“Thanks so much for you time and support for our teenaged daughter’s emerging career. Clearly you are so committed to your art and we are fortunate because of this. Thank you!”

Tarsha Cameron, client. SA, AUSTRALIA


An Evening of Art at The Red Rhino Room

Khristian Mizzi (VIC) back at the RRR with Fergus Maximus and Ian Gibbins

“A relaxed enjoyment of musical storytelling, deeper thoughts stirred by poetic intellect and an emotional awakening brought on by the awe inspiring voice and talent of Khristian Mizzi.

The ever flitting and wonderful facilitator, Ronnie Taheny of Arty Records, took care of and chatted personally to each of us and made the environment a warm and welcoming one. One that I highly recommend you seek to be a part of. (Keep an eye out for other events with Arty Records).”

Lauren Haynes, “All Over Adl” Mag, AUSTRALIA