Why they love us!


“Power, humour, energy and professionalism on highest level for more than 20 years. I’ve been working together with many great artists in this last 20 years and nobody has been easier to work with than RT from Arty Records!”

Reinhard Potschinski (Dir.) “Able Agency”, Hamm, GERMANY

“It is clear that Ronnie Taheny’s experience as an accomplished musician and seasoned performer on the European touring circuit for close to 22 years has given her cred when it comes to practical knowledge in the music business and tour management field, that others who sit in offices could only dream of. Team Arty Records’ honest and straightforward approach with those performers and musicians who seek their advice and expertise is vital.”

 Sue Germein (Manager), Germein Sisters, AUSTRALIA

“HUGE shout out to Ronnie for the success of the recent Ben Ford-Davies European tour!  Apart from the endless planning that ensured its success, I’ve never seen such single-handed, tireless and unfailing commitment, stamina, hard work and professionalism against all odds.

I’ve also seen first hand how much the European fans love her. Such generosity of spirit in passing the baton to the next gen.

Ronnie, you are a gem and we all, you know, kinda like you xx”

Petrola Music Agency (CEO), GERMANY


“Ronnie and Arty Records assisted me with planning and booking my first tour of the UK and Europe in 2013 – it was a great success! As an independent artist from Adelaide, with a dream of launching an international career, and with all the financial and logistic challenges that involves, having someone with Arty Records’ street smarts and decades of experience in your corner was an absolute blessing. Their sheer enthusiasm, seemingly endless energy and masses of music industry know-how make Arty Records a powerful mix for taking your music career to the next level. Supportive, encouraging and comprehensive with her advice, they leave no stone unturned… and they’re very generous to boot!

Stuart Rose – Singer songwriter, AUSTRALIA

“Ronnie is fun, hardworking, and totally professional in her approach to her music business Arty Records. Her organisational skills and follow up on her clients is exceptional. I have no hesitation in recommending Ronnie and team to any artist who is keen to take their craft to the next level.” 

Sue Germein (Manager) Germein Sisters, AUSTRALIA

You need Ronnie Taheny and Arty Records.

Ronnie is a powerhouse go-getter that happens to already know everything there is to know about the music industry, having lived it for years.

Arty Records will drag the most out of operators and the best out of you. 

I always had hope and determination but I never saw the path or the plan until there was Ronnie Taheny and Team AR.

11 out of 10 gold stars!”

Ben Ford-Davies – former international touring musician, AUSTRALIA





“Man, Ronnie can I just say- no one has ever put this much thought or effort into me regarding my life purpose (a.k.a music) and I don’t know how I can thank you enough for all this energy you’re putting in! You’re taking precious time out of your day to really make a huge difference in someone else’s life and I am very humbled…and quite flattered actually! So thankyou so very much.”

Zac Eden, Singer songwriter (Honours) Elder Conservatorium of Music, Adelaide Uni, AUSTRALIA

“Ronnie! Thanks for your session yesterday. Good to finally have a lecturer teaching some practical skills that can actually impact hugely on one creating a career for him/herself.”

Ricardo Farinha, Graduate – Popular Music and Technology. Elder Conservatorium of Music, Adelaide Uni.

“Bang! Ronnie is my morning Barocca! I feel energised and inspired. Thanks, Ronnie.”

Olivia Bozzon, grad student, Conservatorium of Music, Adelaide Uni, SA, AUS.

“Thoroughly enjoyed the goal-setting exercises. Loved the image and branding stuff. Ronnie’s energy, passion and humour are infectious! Ronnie is vibrant, enthusiastic and the queen of motivation. She really knows her stuff.”  Private client, AUS

“I’m not sure if I will see you again so I just want to say thanks so much for you Music Industry module at Uni. Those lectures have been some of the most worthwhile classes in this course and really have given myself some direction and motivation for my music which was lacking before!
See you around the industry :)”

Nathan Chettle, “Young Sultans” (Honours) Elder Conservatorium of Music, Adelaide Uni, AUSTRALIA